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School Dinners

EVERY child in Foundation 2, Year 1 and Year 2 will receive a free school dinner every day, regardless of whether you are in receipt of means-tested benefits.  This is brilliant news for families!


Even though every child is entitled to a free school meal, if you do receive a means-tested benefit, you will still need to register for free school meals.  This will ensure that school receives additional funding called ‘Pupil Premium’ which can help support teaching and learning in school. 

Our current Menu can be found in the Menu section

Allergen information from the Kitchen

Please be advised that any food served in school may contain the following. If you require information about a specific food item you should ask a member of staff and we will refer to the labelling. Where we have been informed that a child needs to avoid a particular food or ingredient for health or cultural reasons, we will continue with our established practice of monitoring that child’s diet carefully.

  • cereals containing gluten, eg wheat (including spelt and khorasan), rye, barley and oats and their hybridised strains
  • crustaceans, eg prawns, crab and lobster
  • eggs
  • fish
  • peanuts
  • soybeans
  • milk
  • nuts, eg almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio, cashew, macadamia nuts or Queensland nuts
  • celery (including celeriac)
  • mustard
  • sesame
  • sulphur dioxide/sulphites (preservatives used in some foods and drinks) at levels above 10mg per kg or per litre
  • lupin
  • molluscs, eg clams, mussels, whelks oysters, snails and squid


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