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Year 1

Welcome To Year 1!

The Year 1 team are:

Holly Class - Mrs Baird and Mrs James

Rowan Class - Miss Cossey and Miss Eadie, Miss Hodgeman and Mrs Key

Pine Class - Mrs Purves (Mon-Wed), Mr Jones (Thurs-Fri) and Mrs Fillon-Payoux



Useful Information About Year One

End of Year Expectations for Year 1 - Reading, Writing and Maths

Jigsaw PSHE

Year 1 children will participate in their Jigsaw sessions every Monday. This term our puzzle piece is 'Celebrating Difference'. Please find more information about Year 1 Jigsaw lessons in the Useful Information section, within the Parents Tab.

Year 1 Maths Workshop

Thank you to all the parents that attended the workshop and we hope you found it useful. The powerpoint used at the workshop is below.

Topic Web Overviews
Photos of Year 1 Learning

PE - Hockey


This term we have been lucky to have Hockey coaching for some of our PE lessons. We have been learning how to hold the hockey stick correctly and how to dribble and move the ball with our sticks. We were very impressive at how quickly we managed to hold the stick and stand in the correct position and were quickly learning how to gently take the ball from each other.

Maths - Place Value with Teen Numbers


We have been exploring how the teen numbers have got 1 ten and different numbers of ones. For example 16 has got 1 ten and 6 ones and 19 has got 1 ten and 9 ones. We have been using different equipment to help us show how many tens and ones the teen numbers have got. For example we used Numicon, Dienes and we even used bundles of ten straws and individual straws. We are becoming confident mathematicians as we explore place value.

Year One Computing  in Term 2 - Programming


This term we have been learning how to give Bee-bots special instructions called algorithms to tell them what to do. We also learnt that when we make a mistake it is okay - we can improve and correct our algorithms by 'debugging' it. We enjoyed using the Bee-Bots and even had a go at directing the Bee-Bot on the screen using the Bee-Bot app on the iPads.

Instruction Writing - Apple Crumble


We have been learning how to write instructions. First we explored instructions and their features. We learnt that instructions use imperative verbs which are bossy doing words that tell us what to do. We also learnt that it is important to put instructions in the correct order otherwise you might make a mistake if you did it in the wrong order.


We then had a go at making apple crumble. We peeled, chopped and microwaved the apples. Then we made the crumble mixture and put it on top of the apples in a dish. We then cooked it for 30 minutes in the oven. We had a great time eating it - it was so delicious!


We then wrote instructions about making apple crumble - we did a brilliant job because we could remember exactly what we did when we made our own apple crumbles.

An unexpected visitor………….

An unexpected visitor………….  1 Who has made this mess?
An unexpected visitor………….  2 We found a giant egg on a nest.
An unexpected visitor………….  3 Where did this come from?
An unexpected visitor………….  4 What a big nest!
An unexpected visitor………….  5 Oh no - is that we think it is?
An unexpected visitor………….  6 Oh it is a bit smelly.
An unexpected visitor………….  7 We all shared our ideas.
An unexpected visitor………….  8 Look here's another clue!

‘Laughing, Learning, Caring and Succeeding For Life’