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Dinosaurs and Fossils


This week we are looking at fossils. Do you know what a fossil is? Where do they come from? You are going to look at a power point presentation to learn all about fossils and a lady called Mary Anning. Can you find out: Who is Mary Anning? What did she discover? Why is she important?


Below are some images of fossils. Take a look at them. Can you tell what they are of? Choose four images to sketch with a pencil onto the 'sketch fossils' worksheet. Can you use shading.

Next week you will be making a dinosaur fossil at home.

To get ready for this, can you research some dinosaur fossils and design your fossil on the sheet below? What could you use to make the fossil print? Have you got small toy dinosaurs? Maybe you could use small twigs as dinosaur bones! Have a think.

For more information about dinosaurs and fossils, watch the BBC bitesize link below.

Just so you can be ready for next weeks art, making a dinosaur fossil:

You will need:

200g salt

150g flour

150g coffee grounds

cold water


This is just one way of making salt day. You may already know a way you like to do or you can look up how to make salt dough.

REMEMBER this is for next weeks art lesson.

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