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A new curriculum for schools was introduced by the government in 2014. On this page you will find details of the curriculum that our school uses and the content of this for each subject within each academic year group. You will also find details of phonics or reading schemes used in KS1.

Curriculum Vision

Curriculum Vision 1

Foundation Stage Curriculum & Policy

Nursery Curriculum

Religious Education

The current Government has stressed that Religious Education remains part of the statutory basic curriculum, alongside the National Curriculum, and that it expects all pupils to receive RE as part of the provision in every school or academy. It is an entitlement of all registered pupils in a maintained school, including those in Reception, unless they are withdrawn by their parents. As a school we follow the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2015 - 2020:

‘Laughing, Learning, Caring and Succeeding For Life’