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Monday - Capital letters to start sentences

Use the power point to check your understanding of using capital letters to start a sentence and then complete the activities. If you are printing at home, you will not need the first and last page printed.

Tuesday - To make inferences

Join us for the 9.40am live lesson on Teams.


Use the power point to support your understanding of making inferences. After you complete the activity. there is a fun follow up task on the power point. 


Activity - Look at the picture on the worksheet and answer the questions. Write your answers using full sentences. Challenge yourself to explain why you think that.

Wednesday - Make predictions

See you at 9.40am on Teams for the live lesson.


Today we are learning to make predictions. Predictions are sensible guesses based on what you can see, what you know and any words that might give you a clue. We will be looking at the front cover of our new story 'Poles Apart' to see if we can predict what this story might be about.


Activity -  Complete the predictions worksheet, making sensible guesses based on what you can see in the picture and the title. 

Thursday - Sequence a story

Don't forget out live lesson at 9.40am on Teams.


Today you will listen to our new story 'Poles Apart.' We will the look at some of the key picture in the story to see if we can sequence them. This means putting them in the correct order. We will look at time words (or time conjunctions), to help us when ordering the story.


Activity - Carefully cut out the pictures from our story and stick them in the correct order on the sequencing worksheet. Can you add a time word under each picture e.g. One cold day, Next, Then, After, After that, Eventually, Later, Finally.

If you can not print them, that is ok, you  can look at the pictures and talk about which order they go in. 

There is also the power point which you can use to remind you of the order of the story and time words.


You will find a link below where you can listen to Miss Beale reading the story to you. You can use this to help you remember the order of the story, or to check you have your pictures in the correct order.


Miss Beale reads 'Poles Apart'

Friday - Story mapping 'Poles Apart'

Last English live lesson of the week... see you at 9.40 on Teams.


Today we will be learning how to map a story. This is done by drawing pictures to help us to remember the story in the correct order. Use the power point to help you to learn how to map a story. 


Activity - Using the story mapping sheet, draw pictures to map the story 'Poles Apart'. You can use the power point to remind you of the order of the story, or you can listen to the story being read by Miss Beale again! Have fun drawing your pictures. 
Can you write a time word (connective), to each picture e.g. First, Next, Then, After.

Make sure you keep these for next week.

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