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Poles Apart


Monday - Capital Letters for names and when using the pronoun 'I'

Use the power point below to check your understanding of using capital letters for names of people and when using the pronoun 'I'. Complete the activities to support your understanding and learning.

Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis and Jarvis


Below is the link to Miss Beale reading the story 'Poles Apart'. You can listen to this at anytime should you need reminding of the story to complete any activities set. 


Tuesday - To write a character description

Join us for our live lesson at 9.40am on teams.


Today you will be looking closely at characters in our story 'Poles Apart'. Knowing the characters in the story, helps you to bring them to life! You can use your imagination to think about what they character would be like if it were real.

Use the power point below to guide you on writing a character description. You will be thinking about adjectives to describe Peeky, what Peeky likes and what sort of character Peeky is. 


Activity - Now it is your turn to write your own character description about Mr White the polar bear. You will answer some questions on the worksheet and use your answers to write your description, just like we did for Peeky.

There are three different challenge levels. Take a look and chooses the one best for you.


Wednesday - To use time connectives to order our writing

We are looking forward to seeing you at 9.40 for out live lesson on Teams.


Today you are learning to use time connectives to help your write some of the story from Poles Apart. Using the power point below, can you put the pictures from the story in the correct order. What time connectives can we use for each picture? Can you think of a sentence for each picture, starting your sentence with a time connective?


Activity - Complete a worksheet: writing sentences for a picture using a time connective in the right order. There are three challenges. Choose the one that you think is best for you.


Challenge 1: To write a simple sentence for each picture using a time connective.

Challenge 2: To write a simple sentence for each picture using a time connective and adding adjectives.

Challenge 3: To write a simple sentence for each picture using a time connective and adding adjectives. Write two sentences for each picture.

Thursday - To plan a story by 'boxing it up'

See on Teams at 9.40am for our live lesson.


Today you are going to be ‘boxing up’ your story ‘Poles Apart’. This is like making a story plan that will then help you to write your story tomorrow. It is a little bit like when you drew pictures to make a story map, except this time you are using words. You can use your story map to help you answer the questions on the 'Box it up - story plan' worksheet. You can also listen to Miss Beale reading the story to remind you about what happens in our story, 'Poles Apart'. Remember, you are making notes on the plan and not full sentences.

Friday - To write a narrative

Join us for our live lesson on teams at 9.40am.


Today you are going to use everything we have learnt about over the last two weeks to write your story 'Poles Apart. This includes time connectives and adjectives. You can use you story plan (box it up), and story map to help you write your story. Remember to use capital letters at the start of each sentence and for characters names. Don't forget full stops, finger spaces, neat handwriting and use your phonics.

Take you time to write your story thinking carefully about each sentence. If you need to have a break and come back to it, that is ok :).


Below are two different writing templates: one with wider spaced lines and one with narrow spaced lines. You can of course write your story on lined paper at home. 

Once finished, you can draw a picture from the story 'Poles Apart'. This will be your front cover to your story that you have written.


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