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Foundation Subjects


This week we are looking at routes in our local area, particularly the routes we take to school. How do you get to school - by bus, walk, car, bike or a different way?


Share the PowerPoint about Routes to school. You can then look together at Google Maps to find where you live and plot your journey to school.


Now try and draw a map of your route to school - this could include pictures of key features that you notice on your journey such as post boxes, shops, telephone boxes or other interesting objects/ places you see on your journey. Don't forget to label them and try to label some of the roads you travel on.

Design and Technology

We have been set a challenge - to design a brand new chair for Baby Bear because it was broken by Goldilocks when she came to visit the Three Bears' Cottage. Daddy Bear couldn't fix Baby Bear's chair so they are looking for a chair that will be stronger.


Before we can think about designing our chairs for Baby Bear we are going to look at existing chairs and products around us. What types of chair do you have at home? What do they do? What are they made out of? How are they similar? How are they different?


Write about what you have noticed and observed about different types of chairs on the sheets.


When we do make our chair we will be using junk modelling - you can also explore different ways of attaching materials, particularly paper and card, together, as shown on the PowerPoint. This is a good time to practise and get familiar before we start to design and make our actual product.


This week we are continuing to explore programming and writing algorithms (instructions) for the Blue-Bot to find its way around a map.

Try and use the Computing words shown on the talk tally as you talk about what you are doing. The map you are directing the Blue-Bot around is of Faringdon. Pick one of the challenge cards and write an algorithm telling the Blue-Bot how to get from the start to your destination. Don't forget, if there is a mistake, that is okay as we can change the algorithm and correct it - in Computing we call this debugging!



The Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot apps are free and can be downloaded for iPads and Android devices, but if your device is not compatible you can always print the resources below and do it physically by cutting out the Blue-Bot robot character and  moving it around the printed map; saying whether it needs to go forwards, backwards, turn left, turn right, and Go to say when it starts. You may want to draw the arrows/ write your code as you go to check if it works.


If you have got access to the Blue-Bot app, make sure you use it in 'Explore' mode not 'Controller' as you will not have the Blue-Bot robot available, but can still use the app just on the screen. Download the map picture file onto your device and you can upload it to the Blue-Bot app by clicking on the map icon then the folder icon. You then have to make the grid 10 rows by 10 columns and zoom in - the grid may not cover the whole map, but you could set the map up okay to show different areas. You then drag the Blue-Bot onto the map on your screen and can use the arrow buttons to direct it around the screen, like you can see in the pictures above where the Blue-Bot has drawn a line to show the route it took.


Don't forget to take photos to show how you got on.


If you would like to explore further programming challenges don't forget you can use the Bee-Bot app which has lots of great levels and challenges ready for you!


At school we use the Charanga and Yumu scheme of work. Last year you should have received your username and password so you can access Yumu at home - if you are unable to find it please contact your child's class teacher who will be able to help you find it.

Log into the Yumu website at: and go to the assignments link as below:

You can have a look at two different lessons - 'Rhythm in the Way We Walk' and 'Big Bear Funk'. Both of these lessons have an understanding music section which the children are familiar with and songs to learn and perform - perhaps you might want to video your child performing one of the songs!




This is your chance to have fun being active! Even if you are feeling well and self-isolating at home it is still possible to be active. Here are some suggestions.


If you still have your Real PE log in from last year you can log in to do REAL PE at home on There are lots of great activities for you to try.


Other activities to help you stay active include:


Cosmic Kids Yoga at:

PE with Joe Wicks the Body Coach at:

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