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British Science Week

Back in March we held a British Science day to celebrate British Science week. Children had a day of activities related to the theme 'Growth". Across the school children created a poster for a competition to celebrate and show growth. This could have been related to life cycles, exercise, human growth, growth in what we learn and much more. There were some fantastic posters! We selected some winning ones and each winner received a science related prize. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners below.


Early Years Winners

Year 1 and Year 2 Winners

Young Artists' Summer Show


Children across the school were invited to send in art as part of an online art exhibition opportunity.  We had fantastic entries across the different ages and although we were not successful in being selected, I think you will agree that the art work is of a very high standard. Well done to all, and look out for this activity again next year! 


Our first Chick has hatched!

World Book Day 2021


In year 1, to celebrate world book day, children made their own head bands/crowns and decorated them with their favourite book characters. We looked at Julia Donaldson and talked about lots of facts about her: She began by writing songs. 'A Squash and a Squeeze' was a song she wrote which was turned into a book. Since then Julia Donaldson has written lots of stories that are shared around the world. The Gruffalo is one of her most famous and loved story. 

To celebrate Julia Donaldson and world book day, children were asked to create their own character based on the Gruffalo. They then wrote a description using lots of adjectives to describe their character. We had some super new names for characters: Ten Plates, Shiny, Foresto, Rainbolo, and lots more!

Below are some photos for you to see.


Percy's DT Challenge


Thank you to everyone who took part in Percy's DT challenge. Percy the Park Keeper would be absolutely thrilled to use everything you made for him! You should be very proud of what you have achieved. I have loved looking at all your photos of your designs, the processes you carried out, your products and your evaluations. Well done! It is now time to show off your fabulous work!

Thank you, 

Mrs Stack smiley


The stylish box bag - Perfect for Percy's bits and pieces!

The very smart car - Just what Percy needs to to get around the park!

One of the fabulous wheelbarrows - Percy will put this to good use!

The very practical lego truck - Another useful vehicle to help Percy around the park!

Another brilliant wheelbarrow - Percy always likes to have several, as he can leave them around the park!

The amazing gardener's cart - This is a big help to Percy as his garden tools are very heavy!

Another wonderful wheelbarrow - You cannot have too many wheelbarrows says Percy!

The marvelous back pack designed to keep the animals out, the watering can and its very clever watering can finder - All will help make Percy's day so much easier!

Science Home Learning

The Egg Experiment! Term 2


Thank you so much for all of your responses regarding the 'Egg Eggsperiment'. We have loved seeing the photos of your children taking part and carrying out the experiment at home. We hope you had lots of fun together and you are looking forward to another one...keep an eye out!!! Here are some fabulous photos of your children taking part. A HUGE thank you again for joining us in our journey to embrace science. Miss Beale :)


The YouTube link is below for anyone who would still like to have a go.


The Floating Egg Experiment

World Science Day 2020


This year our focus was to consider the importance of science in our everyday lives and to investigate scientists and their jobs. QUESTIONS WE CONSIDERED WERE: What is science? Why do we do it? What does it look like in our school? 

Children had the opportunity to ask their own questions about science. Here are some of their ideas: How was Earth made? Where does water come from? Can a penguin live in the desert? 

We looked at many scientist jobs and discussed why they are important. Children thought about what type of scientists they might like to be.

We explored and reminded children on how we stay safe in school during the current pandemic. Children enjoyed the pepper experiment which helped with their understanding of why washing hands with soap is important.

Finally, the afternoon was spent carrying out awe and wonder experiments. Each year group carried out a variety of experiments.

It was a busy and fun filled day for all with lots for the children to learn and be engaged with. Take a look at some of our photos from the day. Reception also have more photos on their class page :)


Below you will also find: two stories you can share with your children about the virus, the pepper experiment- why soap works as well two awe and wonder experiments.


Faringdon Learning Trust Autumn Cooking Competition

Internet Safety Poster Competition


In February we held a poster competition about staying safe on the internet. Children worked at home with their families and created their posters using the Purple Mash website we subscribe. All of the posters looked fantastic and we were very impressed by everyone who had a go. The posters were judged by the School Governors who chose one winner from each class. Every child who took part got a certificate saying they are an internet safety champion. Here are all of the children's entries for you to see:

Whole School Science Day - February 2019

Our School Science Day was Inspired by the magical story 'A Little Bit of Winter', by Paul Stewart.  We had an entire day of fun doing science activities like; making a den for hedgehog to hibernate, collecting winter objects to show hedgehog when he wakes up in spring and drinking hot chocolate - just because it is delicious!                                         

Can You Guess Who?

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