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Weather and Climate 

Hot and Cold places around the World


Now we know what the seven continents of the world are, let's learn about the climate in each of them!

Use the powerpoint below to learn about the different divisions of the Earth and how this affects the climate across the continents. Play the powerpoint as a slideshow for an audio version.

Check out some of the other research suggestions about weather and climate then have a go at the challenges.


Research suggestions:

  • Watch the BBC bitesize video explaining different climates and take the online quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Use an atlas or another information book you have at home to learn more about different climates
  • View the different climates in each continent by using Google Earth



Use the map below and colour in the 4 different climates around the world.


Spicy challenge 

Cut out the animals from the activity sheet below and stick them onto your map to show where in the world they live!

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