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Physical Features

How do they differ in Hot and Cold places?


Now we know where in the world is hot and cold, lets find out how the climate can affect the land!

Use the powerpoint below to learn about the physical features around the world and how they differ depending on the climate in each region.

Play the powerpoint as a slideshow for an audio version or click on the sound buttons on each slide.

Check out some of the other activity suggestions about physical features then have a go at the challenges.


Research suggestions:

  • Take a walk around your local area and write down any physical features you see.
  • Use an atlas or a map to locate physical features found around the world. Look at the key to work out what each symbol means.
  • Check out some of the websites listed below to find out more about the physical features discussed today.



Cut out the words or pictures of physical features and stick them into the appropriate circle on the Venn Diagram to show whether they are found in hot or cold places. Don't forget - physical features found in both places go in the middle!


Spicy Challenge

Can you find out about other physical features and add them to the diagram?


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