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Landmarks of Africa

Physical and Human Features


This week, let's learn about the different types of famous landmarks found in Africa. 

Use the powerpoint below to learn about the continent and try to work out which of its famous landmarks is a physical or a human feature. Take the quiz at the end to see how much you learnt!

Play the powerpoint as a slideshow for an audio version or click on the sound buttons on each slide.

Check out some of the other activity suggestions to support your learning about Africa then have a go at the challenge.


Research suggestions:

  • Watch the recorded lesson from Oak Academy to learn more about the continent Africa.
  • Watch the mini videos discussed in the PowerPoint on BBC bitesize
  • Use an atlas or a map to find out about Africa.



Cut out the pictures of the African landmarks and sort them into 2 groups; physical and human features. Record your list on the table below.


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