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Beebots - Debugging


This week in ICT, we are going to continue to use our knowledge of algorithms and coding to debug an algorithm for a Beebot.

Debugging is what programmers need to do when the algorithm has gone wrong - they need to look for the mistakes (bugs) and fix them with a new algorithm. Use the link below to watch a BBC Bitesize video with more information on debugging computer programs, then use the power point to practise writing and debugging algorithms for Beebots.


On the Toy Shop Task below, can you check the algorithm and work out where it has gone wrong? Write the new algorithm for the Beebot  to help him find the toys in the toy shop. Look at the example and have a go at your own. Practise with a small object like a toy car before you write your code.

If you'd like more practise online, have a go at the game 'Robot Routes' found in the link below. There is also a Beebot app you can download onto a tablet. Have fun!

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