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This term in ICT we will be exploring programming. Programming is like writing instructions for a computer to complete. We are going to be giving an instructions for an animated object to move around a screen.


First let's learn about Algorithms. Click on the video link below to find out what algorithms are. Then, use the powerpoint to check your understanding and practise giving instructions in an appropriate order. View the ppt as a slideshow so you can answer the interactive questions.

Challenge - Build and Snap!


Can you make picture instructions for how to build a model tower using 5 bricks from lego/duplo/coloured blocks (whatever you have at home)?

• Decide what order you will build your tower then start to create it.
• Each time you use a new brick, take a photo or draw a picture of what your tower looks like.
• At the end you should have 5 photos/pictures.
• Take your tower apart and show your pictures to someone else.
• Can they build the same tower using your picture instructions?

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