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Last week we started looking at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We read the story, re-told the story with actions and even did some drama!

This week we are writing our own version of the story!  We are changing 3 parts of the story - the main character (so it will no longer be Goldilocks entering the house), the setting (so it will no longer be set in a cottage) and when it happens (so it will no longer be 'one day').


On Monday, we will plan out our own version of the story.  All the instructions on how to do this are on the sheet for Monday!

For each day after that, we will write a part of the story.  We are aiming to do a longer piece of writing, that will take 3 lessons to write, so it won't be done in a couple of sentences!


Don't forget to use the story map you made on Monday to help you write your story on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Tuesday - the opening, the beginning of the story, setting the scene - where the 3 bears go for a walk in the woods and the new character arrives.


Wednesday - the 'problem' section of the story where things start to go wrong - where the new character eats the porridge, breaks the chair and goes to bed.


Thursday - the ending - where the bears come home, find out what has happened and find the new character asleep in bed!


Friday - We will check and edit our writing.  We will go back over what we have written and read it out loud.  Does it make sense?  Have we missed any words out?  Have we got finger spaces, full stops and capital letters?  At school we use a green pen to make our corrections.  You could do this too if you have a green pen at home.

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