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To finish our unit of work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we will be using the basis of the original story to invent a completely new version!


Monday- we will revisit the story map from week 1 and change as much as we can. Have lots of fun thinking of fun and creative alternatives: 

Instead of bears it could be caterpillars, unicorns, fish or any creature your child chooses.

Instead of the woods the setting would be in the ocean, a cave or underground etc.

Here is one I made up:


Once upon a time there were three magical worms who lived deep in the soil and the stones. They loved eating juicy, green leaves. Late one night the worms went out to look for some more fresh juicy green leaves to fill their tummies. Later on that night a tiny goblin was out digging for treasure when he came across the worms’ home in the mud!  He had been digging and digging so much that he had made a terrible mess of their soil and stones. Suddenly the three magical worms returned and saw their home all destroyed. They used their magic to turn him into a new stone! and lived happily ever after.


Now, choose your best idea from today. Use the story mountain paper to retell it and point to each part as you go. Tomorrow we will draw your story into each section of the mountain.


Tuesday – remember your super alternative story from yesterday and all the parts you changed? Today we will draw the story into the different parts of the story mountain. Use simple sketching and words/ labels to help with special vocabulary you may wish to include eg magical, brave, hairy, mysterious etc. Have fun with your drawings and labels. Use your work from today to help with retelling and try to use the details you recorded.


Wednesday- Goldilocks has sent a letter to Baby Bear! She hopes he can try a new sandwich instead of some porridge. Together read the letter and see if you can make a jam sandwich (or any flavour you have at home). Talk through what to do in order giving ‘bossy instructions’. Take a quick look at the jam sandwich making instructions and then have a go at writing instructions for the sandwich you made. It is very important not to copy the instructions – we want to see how you get on writing a few sentences by yourself to make a sandwich. Most of all have fun.


Thursday- We will be learning about nouns today.  What is a noun? Can you tell me some?

Look through the slides on the powerpoint and use this to find/ talk about lots of examples at home.

Fill in the chart for nouns and see if you can remember to use a capital letter for people and place examples. Use the alphabet mat if you need to.

Which type of noun did you find the easiest to collect? I wonder why?


Friday- We will be learning about verbs.  What is a verb? Can you act some out?

Look through the slides on the powerpoint and use this to find/ talk about lots of examples at home.

Make a big long list of verbs using your phonics. Then think of two teddies, friends or family members. Use this to make simple sentences and record them on your paper.  Challenge yourself to use ‘and’ and join two verb ideas together:

Teddy can roll.

Baby is crying.

Mouse is digging and frog is sleeping.

Mr Jones can jump and Mrs Robins can climb.


Have fun with your verb sentences but remember phonics, full stops, capital letters (and for names!) and reread to check your work.



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