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After our work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we have had a letter from Baby Bear!


Monday: read the letter to find out Baby Bear wants to know how to make Enormous Turnip soup. Watch the clip to hear a simple set of instructions. Try to put some actions to key parts if you can.

Have fun giving some simple verbal instructions to a family member

E.G      Get your coat/ a pair of scissors.

Sit on the chair/ floor/ on a pillow.

Find a yellow pencil/ glue stick/ book.

Place your hand on your head.

Shake your foot.       Etc   you could play Simon Says too!


Tuesday: follow the video clip again and add as many actions as you can. Think about how important the order of instructions are, and what would happen if they were all in the wrong order!

Use the jumbled up instructions to cut into strips and stick them into the five main parts in order -

heading, introduction, what you need, what to do, handy tip or point to remember.


Wednesday: follow the video clip again and add as many actions as you can. 

Can you remember what verbs are from last week? Use the instructions example to look closely for any verbs. When you find a verb, circle it and colour it in (eg all verbs in yellow). Look at where verbs often appear in the sentence. Now have a close look at the words that start each sentence. These are called time connectives and help us with ordering eg first, next, finally. When you find one of these words circle it and colour in (eg all time connectives in blue).  Identify where they are in the sentence.  As an extra challenge you can choose a third colour and circle all the nouns.


Thursday: follow the video clip again and add as many actions as you can.

Notice how instructions use lots of short bossy sentences. This helps the ‘reader’ know exactly what to do and not make mistakes.

Today you need a partner to play an instructions game

Partner A- Give instructions to draw 1 or 2 objects or build a simple tower (Lego/ Duplo).

Partner B- Listens and draws/ builds according to what told.

Eg First draw a swing in the middle of the paper. Then colour the seat yellow. Next draw a tree on the left. Finally draw a purple flower on the right.

OR  First find a red brick. Then add a white brick on top. Next attach a black brick underneath. Finally put a yellow brick at the very top.

Have fun with giving and following sets of instructions.


Friday: follow the video clip again and add as many actions as you can.

Take a look at the set of instructions for making a pancake.

Do you think these are very good? Why? Talk about how each sentence could be improved and annotate all your ideas onto the page. Can you remember that they should all begin with a time connective? Remember it is best to use different verbs to be interesting and clear. Only important adjectives are needed and each instruction needs to start on a new line. See how each change is improving the instruction.

When you have added all your ideas, copy out neatly onto a new sheet of paper.



Literacy - Instructions for Enormous Turnip Soup Video

This video is for the mixed Year 1 and 2 classes to help them learn the instructions for Enormous Turnip Soup as part of the Imitation Stage of their Talk fo...

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