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Use the power point below to explore addition by counting on.


As explained on power point: Children to choose a number 1-20. Roll a die. Practice counting on from the biggest number. 

Below is a link for an interactive die online. Have fun :)



Today we are adding by counting on using a number line. Use the power point below to support your learning.


Below you will find addition word problems challenge cards. Challenge 2 is a little more challenging. Children to use the counting on worksheet to record their number sentences for the word problems. Remember to start with the biggest number first. Children can simply record number sentences on paper. You do not have to print.

There is a number line to 20 worksheet for those who would like to print some for your children to use to support when counting on. You will also find a link to an interactive number line if you do not want to, or can not print. 

For an extra challenge, there is a practice question work sheet.


Today we are using our tens and ones to add together. This will help you to learn to add ones using your number bonds as we get better at this. Below is the power point for todays learning. You will also find a link to white rose with the same power point, however it has a voice recording over it which may help with your learning even more. If you use the white rose link, you will need to select the second power point that has the title ' Add ones using number bonds'.

This is the link for the same power point with a voice over to guide the learning. Remember you will need to select the second power point with the title 'ADDING ONES USING NUMBER BONDS'.


Today's learning is to use equipment to find and make number bonds to 20. The live learning taking place today will be important for this learning. Below is a power point for some extra support. 

The activity for today, is to complete the Numicon - bonds to 20 worksheet. 


Today, we will continue to find and make bonds to 20. We will play the bonds to 20 space wars game.


Can you complete the robots bonds to 20 worksheet. Another challenge is to complete the dienes bonds to 20 worksheet. 

Foe those of you who can print, below is - Bonds to 20 matching aliens game, that you can play. You will need to cut them out before you play. If you can not print, why not challenge yourself to make your own bonds to 20 game.

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