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Use the power point below to learn about finding and making number bonds. See you for our live lesson at 11:15am.



There are three challenges for you to complete. They get more challenging as you go from challenge 1 to challenge 3. 



Today we are learning to add by making 10. We will be using tens frames to support our learning. We can not wait to see you for our live lesson at 11:15am. 



Use the power point to remind you of what to do if you find it a little tricky.

Use the ten frames to help you make 10. First you need to show the number sentence using the tens frames which is 9+4=. Then make your 10 by borrowing from the second number in the number sentence. This makes your new number sentence 10+3=13 so 9+4=13.

You can use beans, small lego pieces, buttons, cubes or anything else small that you have at home instead of counters.




Below is a link to todays lesson; to add by making 10. Press play to hear todays learning. You can pause the video when you are asked to do so to complete thinking and writing tasks. You can pause at any time should you need to, or go back if you need to listen the learning again.

On the video, you will see 'Have a go at question 1 and 2', this is where you have a go at Challenge 1 below. 

If you are feeling confident, work through the rest of the video and have a go at Challenge 2 below.


Today we are learning to subtract. Use the power point below to support your learning We will see you at 11:15 for live learning!



Complete the work sheet. For Question 3 you can use objects to count out the first number in a subtraction sentence and then take away how many it tells you to in the number sentence. E.g. If the number sentence says 13 - 5 =. You can line up 13 toys. Then is says to take away 5. Now you can take 5 toys away. How many do you have left? 



Today we are learning to subtract by counting back. We will be using number tracks and number lines to support our learning.

See you at 11:15 for our live maths lesson. 



Complete the work sheet below. You can use the power point to support your learning.

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