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Numbers to 50


Monday - Count to 50 by making tens

Live session today at 11.15am. See you then! 

Use the power point below to support your learning. 


Activity 1: If you have any marbles, cubes, small toys, counters, buttons etc, use these to practice making tens. Start at 1 ten and practice making tens all the way to 5 tens.


Activity 2: Complete the worksheet counting to 50 by making tens.

Tuesday - Recognise and count numbers to 50

We can not wait to see you on the live session at 11.15am.

Use the power point presentation below to support your learning.


Activity: There are 3 challenges for you to try. They get a little bit more challenging as you go from challenge 1 to challenge 3. You can choose the challenge that you think will challenge your learning. If you begin at challenge 1 and you think it was not challenging enough, have a go at the next one. You may want to try all 3 challenges!

Wednesday: Jungle Learning Day - Have Fun!!!

Thursday: To count forwards and backwards within 50

We are looking forwards to seeing you at 11.15am for the live learning lesson.


Use the power point below to support your learning. Today's learning is lots of practicing of counting forwards and backwards, starting at any given number within 50.


Activity: There are three different challenges below. You will also find an extra challenge worksheet which has a variety of questions relating to counting forwards and backwards within 50.

Friday: To understand how a number is made up of tens and ones.

See you for the live learning lesson at 11.15am.

Use the power point below to support your learning.


Activity: Below are 3 challenges for today's learning.


Challenge 1: Using pictures to support understanding of tens and ones.

Challenge 2: Match the picture representation to the correct number and then write the number.

Challenge 3: Match the picture representation to the correct number. Match the calculations to the correct number.

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