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Monday: To compare objects within 50


We are looking forwards to seeing you at 11.15 for our live lesson today.

Today we will be comparing objects and using comparing words. These are: more than, less than and equal to. We will be using our crocodile signs/symbols to compare objects:

More than >

Less than <

Equal to =


Use the power point below to support your learning.



Challenge 1: Use the words (more than, less than, equal to) to compare number representations. 

Challenge 2: Use the symbols and words to compare number representations.


Extra challenge worksheet.

Tuesday: To compare objects within 50


Please join us for our live lesson today at 11.15. Can't wait to see you. Use the power point below to continue to support your learning of comparing objects within 50.


Activity: Complete the comparison questions. There are 3 challenges to chooses from. Choose the challenge that you feel will challenge your learning. 

Wednesday: To compare numbers within 50


Use the power point to support your learning. Today you will use a number chart to help you compare numbers. You will also compare numbers without a number chart. Think about how many tens and ones are in the number. Does this help you to work out and compare the numbers? Remember to use the comparing words and symbols.



Challenge 1: Compare numbers using more than and less than. Use the number track and number grid to compare numbers.

Challenge 2: Use the number track to compare numbers. Create your own comparisons. Use the number chart and symbols to compare numbers.

Challenge 3: Complete the table to make comparisons. Use the symbols and number chart to make comparisons.


You can also have a go at the mastery challenge.


Thursday: WORLD BOOK DAY. No maths today. Please look at the English for learning.



Friday: To order numbers within 50.


Today you will be looking at numbers within 50 and ordering them from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest. Use the power point below to support your learning.



Challenge 1: Write the total of each group and order. Order shaded numbers.

Challenge 2: Write the total of each group and order. Order groups using symbols. Order shaded numbers using symbols.

Challenge 3: Write the total of each group and order using symbols. Order shaded numbers using symbols.


Extra challenge: Cut out and put the puzzle pieces in the correct order using the numbers to make the picture.



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