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A Daily Routine

This might be helpful with finding a bit of rhythm to your day.


Before 9am  

Wake up

Make your bed, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast.

9 – 10.00

Morning Exercise

Morning family walk, or Joe Wicks on Youtube.

10 – 11.00

Academic time

No electronics. Home learning resources from school, books, flash cards, diary writing etc.

11 – 12.00

Creative time

Lego, drawing, crafting, play music, cook or bake, etc

12: Lunch



12.30 – 1.00

Job time

General household chores e.g. hoovering, washing up, wiping surfaces in kitchen/tables etc, wiping door handles & light switches, cleaning bathroom sinks and toilets.

1 - 2.30

Quiet time

Reading, puzzles, nap

2.30 – 4.00

Academic time

Electronics OK, web sites from school, iPad education games, education shows

4 – 5.00

Afternoon fresh air

Bikes, walks, play outside in garden

5 – 6.00



6 – 8.00

Free TV time

And showers, get ready for bed for kids



All kids



All kids who follow the daily schedule and don’t fight!

Future of Faringdon, Including all, Supporting everyone to grow