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Don't forget to take movement breaks all week. Exercise is really important for staying healthy! At school, we use Real PE to support children in developing their movement, personal, social, cognitive and creative skills. Each child has now been issued their own login details (which have been sent via text message) to access this great resource at home. Use the link below to access the Real PE website and enjoy many of the fun activities on offer.

Don't forget to also get some fresh air with a walk outside or playing in the garden. You can still access a number of alternative movement breaks online with these links below. Have fun!


Before listening to this weeks story, can you answer the following questions: Who is Humpty Dumpty? Why do you think he sat on a wall? What would you have done to help Humpty Dumpty after his fall?

The story is called 'After the Fall - How Humpty got back up again'. What do you think this story will be about?

You are about to discover what happened to Humpty after his fall. Listen to the story and then discuss the next set of questions.



After The Fall - How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Dan Santat

Discuss what happened in the story: Humpty fell and although he was put back together, he had some bits that could not be fixed. Humpty was afraid to climb the wall again? Why? What happens in the end?

Have you ever been afraid to try something or do something again because it went wrong? Did you eventually stop being afraid and just tried?

Sometimes reaching our dreams and goals can be tricky and we might not get it the first, second or third time. Sometimes you have to keep trying and maybe you will get there like Humpty. It is ok if we do not get something right the first time, the important thing is to keep trying! Keep trying like Raj the Robot and don’t give up. Have a go like Mo.

When we set ourselves a new goal, sometimes there are obstacles that might make it trickier to get there. What might be an obstacle to your goal? E.g. footballer – training is hard. What do you need to do? How would you feel? How do you think you might feel once you get through the bit that is hard?

Below you will find a mindfulness activity and the adult guidance.



Have a go at some of the music challenges in your YUMU account. The scheme set this term is titled 'In the Groove'. Click on the web link below to find the login page for Charanga Music.

If you have forgotten or lost your account password, contact your teacher using your class email address. Have fun!

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