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Don't forget to take movement breaks all week. Exercise is really important for staying healthy! At school, we use Real PE to support children in developing their movement, personal, social, cognitive and creative skills. Each child has now been issued their own login details (which have been sent via text message) to access this great resource at home. Use the link below to access the Real PE website and enjoy many of the fun activities on offer.

Don't forget to also get some fresh air with a walk outside or playing in the garden. You can still access a number of alternative movement breaks online with these links below. Have fun!


Being Healthy: To know how to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Can you remember what is meant by healthy? Jigsaw Jack is having trouble remembering how to stay healthy. Can you give him advice: E.G. Go to bed on time.

Below are 5 ways to be healthy. How many of these do you do? 

  1. Balanced diet: 5 a day.
  2. Sleep for our bodies to recover: 5- to 6-year-olds need up to 11 hours.
  3.  Exercise: 1 hour a day.
  4.  Keeping clean.
  5.  Drinking water.


Looking at the images in the document below, can you write a statement about how you choose to stay healthy.

Example statements: ‘I choose to exercise for 10 minutes a day.’ ‘I choose to eat more fruit.’ ‘I choose to only eat sweets 2 days a week.’



Have a go at some of the music challenges in your YUMU account. The scheme set this term is titled 'Round and Round'. Click on the web link below to find the login page for Charanga Music.

If you have forgotten or lost your account password, contact your teacher using your class email address. Have fun

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