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Parents of Service Children

Support for Service Children

At Faringdon Infant school we understand the importance of supporting children in times of parental deployment and in year transitions.

If you would like your child to receive additional emotional support in these times please contact our Pastoral Lead, Laura Wright via the office email:



Week 2: Belonging

Today in Little Troopers we discussed, the feeling of belonging and that this can come from the people around us and also the places we have been.

We looked at a big world map and talked about and placed a sticker on the different places we have visited or lived. This opened a lovely conversation in both the Year 1 and Year 2 Little Troopers groups with the children sharing their experiences of visiting different places.

Each child got the opportunity to take home a family tree to do with their grown ups at home. Thank you grown-ups for helping the Little Troopers fill these in.



Week 1: Mindfulness 

Today in Little Troopers we discussed what our grown ups do in the forces, we noticed that some of us have grown ups that are away at the moment.

We talked about how we feel sometimes and how our body feels when we are calm and when we are anxious.

We played  a game with balloons that made our heart beat faster and then we were able to make our body feel calm again by watching Bubble Bounce! This can also improve our focus.

Calling Parents - follow the link below to have a go at Bubble Bounce and notice how you feel after.





Little Troopers Treasures

Helping to keep British Armed Forces families connected through the magic of stories while away from home.

 Little Troopers and Harper Collins Children’s Books have partnered to bring lots of carefully chosen children’s books to military families to enable you to make easy, quick recordings on your tablet devices

Click the link below to find out more: 

Summer Holidays for Little troopers

 With weeks of summer holidays to fill the Little troopers website have lots to help;  click on the link below to access the website and find over 50 activities for children to do aswel as a * SAVE THE DATE * Summer online show of Robin hood on the 22nd August at 4pm

Little Troopers road show for the KS1 children

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