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Don't forget to take movement breaks all week. Exercise is really important for staying healthy! Get some fresh air with a walk outside or playing in the garden. When it's cold, use the links below to have a go at some of these online workouts. Have fun!


This term's theme is 'Dreams and Goals'. We all have dreams and goals. Some that take a short time to achieve and some that a lot longer. Some goals and dreams take practice, resilience and perseverance. Some goals, you may achieve on the same day. A goal can be to be kind, to listen, to get better at something or learn something new. A dream could be wanting to be a footballer when you grow up or to become a scientist. Whatever you dreams and goals are, don't give up. 

Below is a link to a story about one boys dream to become a hockey player. Listen to the story and have a think about what the little boy needed to do to achieve his dream. Did he give up or did he keep going, even when he found it hard?

Have a think about your dreams and goals. What goal or dream will you set yourself? Will it be one that you can do now or one that you will need to work at a little longer? 

Below is a worksheet for you to fill in about your goals and dreams.



Have a go at some of the music challenges in your YUMU account. The scheme set this term is titled 'In the Groove'. Click on the web link below to find the login page for Charanga Music.

If you have forgotten or lost your account password, contact your teacher using your class email address. Have fun!

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