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oy - toy for a boy



Don't forget, you can login to Phonics Play or Phonics Bloom at anytime to play and practise your phonics sounds this week. Find the website links below. For more resources such as flashcards and parent instruction on how to say each sound, go to the phonics link in the General Home Learning star on our main Year 1 page. 



Join us for a LIVE lesson on Teams at 9.40am this morning. Log in to your school email to accept the Teams invitation. We can't wait to see you!



Watch the video in the link below to continue learning about and practising the 'oy' sound. Get a paper and pencil and write any words you know that have the 'oy' sound in.


No Live lesson today due to Johnathan's Jungle Roadshow. Keep practising your 'oy' sound with the video below.



Use the worksheet below to practise reading the 'oy' sound.


Use the powerpoint below to practise reading and writing the 'oy' sound. Click on the sound icons to hear the words sounded out and blended. Have a go at the writing challenge below.

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