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Our “Forces” Science Day!

We had another fantastic Science Day at the beginning of Term 4. What a day we had! We rotated around the 4 Reception classes and made predictions, explored and investigated. Ask us what friction is! Ask us about aerodynamics and why balloons make a noise when you let them go! Have you ever wondered why they always get stuck on the curtain rail? We had great fun with magnets and we also made exploding rockets! We have many budding scientists in our midst!

A very big thank you to Mrs Taylor and Mrs Woodfield for organising our exciting day.

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a lovely holiday. The children have come back refreshed and ready for another busy term!

Science Day

Science day was fantastic! We started in the hall and enjoyed the story 'A little bit of Winter', followed by an interesting clip and discussion about hibernation in our classrooms. Then we got into groups of twelve and enjoyed exciting acitivities for the rest of the day. In the woods we went on an Autumn scavenger hunt, decorated masks with leaves, made homes for hedgehogs, explored quadrats and woodland sampling and thought about the best materials to use to save 'a little bit of winter'. We warmed up with a mug of hot chocolate. In the classroom we all made a clay hedgehog and a delicious rice crispie and mars bar hedgehog. What an exciting day we had, "This is the best day ever!" said one little girl. Thank you again to the adults who came and shared this exciting day with us, we really appreciate your support. There will be another opportunity to enjoy another Science Day next term.

The Sofa Project in Reception

You may have heard your child talk about finding mystery objects underneath some drapes! This is what we call the "sofa project", as originally, a sofa was used to hide the object. As we do not have sofas in our classrooms we cover the object in different drapes which ignites the children's imagination and provokes some lovely discussion. The object is linked to our story of the week. The children have been so excited about this and love guessing where these objects come from. So please keep it a secret and keep their imagination alive!

We love doing "Squiggle!" It builds up our muscles to help us do lots of lovely writing and drawing.

Look at all the fun Apple, Chestnut, Hazel and Oak have been having in the woods!

We are all having a great time in our new class and have settled in nicely. We have learnt so much already! Just ask us!

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