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Summer Holiday Challenges!

Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 6 Week 6
Term 6 Week 6 Home Learning - Winnie at the Seaside
Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 6 Week 5
Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 6 Week 4
Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 6 Week 3
Term 6 Week 3 Home Learning - Sharing a Shell

Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 6 Week 2

Hazel Class Home Learning Term 6 Week 2

Term 6 Week 2 Powerpoints

Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 6 Week 1
Term 6 Week 1 Home Learning
Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 5 Week 5
Term 5 Week 5 Home Learning

Fancy a maths challenge? There are plenty to choose from. We would love to see what your child does with these. Please send us any work they do on the challenges. Enjoy!

Another busy week for Apple, Chestnut and Hazel children this week. It's lovely to be able to get outside and exercise for longer now and make the most of the dry sunny days we are having! It looks a busy week for some other people in school too! Can you spot who the guest appearances are from this week? Enjoy spotting your friends. Your smiley faces have certainly made your teachers smile this week smiley
Chestnut Class Home Learning Term 5 Week 4 Aaaaaarrgghh! Spider!


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Term 5 Week 4 Home Learning
What a busy week our reception children have all had home learning again this week! Enjoy spotting your friends and seeing what they have been up to. Can you spot someone new on the slideshow this week?
Chestnut Class Term 5 Week 3 The Fly Home Learning

A few fun ideas you might like to try at home.

We have spotted some mini beasts on the move! Have a close look, what do you notice about how they look and how they move?

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/Volumes/CHRIS USB/Chestnut 201920/T5/week 3/

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/Volumes/CHRIS USB/Chestnut 201920/T5/week 3/

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How lovely to see the smiling faces of all the children in Receptionsmiley We miss you all so much but we are loving seeing all the super fun learning you are doing with your families.
Chestnut Class Week 2 Home Learning Slideshow
Chestnut Class Term 5 Week 1 Home Learning Slideshow

Here are some minibeast PowerPoints for you to enjoy with your child.  You will know many minibeast facts already, but we are sure you will learn some new information. Enjoy! There’s some ladybird maths in there too!

Science at home


Hello to all our children and families. We are missing you all at school! We hope you are keeping healthy, active and safe, taking the opportunity to spend quality time together at home. Below are some simple science experiments you can carry out at home together. Each one includes an explanation of the science behind the experiment which allows you to explain to your children what is happening. Remember to ask lots of questions; What is happening? What can you see? Do you know why this is happening? HAVE FUN TOGETHER.

Strategies for what to do when children don't know how to spell or read a word


When the children are in school we encourage them to use the following strategies to help them spell or read unfamiliar words. These are strategies you can continue to use at home to encourage your child to have a go. There are PDF versions of the posters that you can download and put up at home too.

real PE
Details how to access real PE  at home have been sent out via ParentPay.

Home learning - Maths

As a school we use the White Rose Scheme of Learning for Maths lessons. To support children and families during school closures the White Rose Maths Team have prepared a series of videos with ideas to help your child with their Maths. The videos are fun activities which will help your child develop important early number skills. We hope that you will find this resource helpful. The link for the website is below. 

Hello to all our children and families. We hope you are finding the resources available useful. As well as these, remember to keep reading with you children. Below is a link for phonicsplay who have provided a free login. This is something we use at school and your children are familiar with this. This will provide vital support for your children’s phonics and reading. Enjoy!

This may help you to find some rhythm during the school week - adjust the times and activities to suit you.

Current advice is for you and your family to exercise OUTSIDE of the home ONCE A DAY ONLY.

ALWAYS KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCING in your minds, please. 24.03.20

Before 9am  

Wake up

Make your bed, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast.

9 – 10.00

Morning Exercise

Morning family walk, or Joe Wicks on Youtube.

10 – 11.00

Academic time

No electronics. Home learning resources from school, books, flash cards, diary writing etc.

11 – 12.00

Creative time

Lego, drawing, crafting, play music, cook or bake, etc

12: Lunch



12.30 – 1.00

Job time

General household chores e.g. hoovering, washing up, wiping surfaces in kitchen/tables etc, wiping door handles & light switches, cleaning bathroom sinks and toilets.

1 - 2.30

Quiet time

Reading, puzzles, nap

2.30 – 4.00

Academic time

Electronics OK, web sites from school, iPad education games, education shows

4 – 5.00

Afternoon fresh air

Bikes, walks, play outside in garden

5 – 6.00



6 – 8.00

Free TV time

And showers, get ready for bed for kids



All kids



All kids who follow the daily schedule and don’t fight!


Keeping Active!

Whilst many of us are staying at home, we must remember to keep ourselves moving and be active! There are a few ways you can do this with your children. In school we have been using super movers, go noodle, cosmic yoga and for sports relief Joe Wicks Workout! Your children have thoroughly enjoyed these in school and we hope you can continue this at home. Joe Wicks is also doing a daily PE session Monday to Friday at 9am live on you tube. These can be done anytime of the day. Have fun whilst keeping active :) 

Below is a link for cosmic yoga, this is just one example. You can find many more on YouTube. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Home Learning Support

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Some more science experiments!

For those families either at home already or for those who enjoy having fun with science at home... below are some more experiments that you could share with your children. There are also some prompt cards/questions that you could use to encourage your children to think scientifically whilst enjoying the experiments! More importantly, spend time together and enjoy learning together!

Family Science Evening


It was fantastic to see so many of our families attend Science Evening recently. We really were overwhelmed with the response we had on the night and we hope to run similar events in the future. It was a great atmosphere in school and we all thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your children. It would not have been possible without the help from Miss Dickenson, Miss Copley and Mr Hale from FCC Science Department so a huge thank you must go to them. Miss Beale also played a key role in the organisation of the evening so a huge thank you must also go to her! And of course not forgetting a HUGE thank you to Mrs Forbes for the idea, support, organisation and for making it all come together.

As requested, the instructions for the experiments are below so you can continue to enjoy these at home with your children.

World Book Day
Super Sports Day!
We had great fun trying out lots of new activities on our 'Super Sports Day!' - Cosmic yoga, Boccia, seated volleyball, GoNoodle, BBC Super Movers, cheer leading, Golden Mile and being active in our woods. 
We learnt about Chinese New Year and tasted some lovely Chinese food. Ask us what we tried!
We had a visit from Stage Coach who delivered a fantastic singing and dancing workshop! We had so much fun and demonstrated our various skills!