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Reception - Apple, Chestnut and Hazel

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

What a fabulous afternoon we had and how blessed were we with the weather!

Newsletters Term 5

The Ants Go Marching.....

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We have loved singing minibeast songs this term!

Friday Reading on the Field

Do come and join us for a short reading session on the field after school on Friday. Read to your grown up, share some books, listen to a story and most importantly have a biscuit!

All are most welcome, it's a lovely end to the week. smiley 

Our woods are magical at the moment. We have great fun every Friday climbing trees, playing hide and seek, and making up magical adventures.

Golden Mile! Who has achieved a certificate?

ZooLab - May 2022

ZooLab is a fabulous minibeast workshop. One of their very experienced rangers came in to tell us all about their corn snake Stevie, Matilda their Madagascan hissing cockroach, Mr Slimey the giant African snail, Milo the giant millepede and their Chilean rose tarantula. The children had the chance to carefully handle all the minibeasts except the tarantula. We had great fun and we learned a lot...even the grown-ups! Did you know an octopus belongs to the same family as a snail? Molluscs! They have eight tentacles but only one foot!

Chestnut Class Zoolab Visit

Easter fun in the woods!

Reception visit to the fire station

Super heroes running the golden mile!

What a fabulous time we had on World Book Day,

celebrating our love of books and reading.

We loved sharing a special book from home with our friends and drawing the front cover and writing the title. Guess the story and book character quizzes were great fun too, we realised we knew a lot of stories and book characters. We had a  lovely end to the day wearing our pyjamas and cuddling up with our soft toys on cushions and having our bedtime snack to listen to lots of bedtime stories. 

We loved taking part in Super Sports Day. We practised our hula hooping skills, played parachute games, ran the Golden Mile wearing pedometers, played frisbee, enjoyed Cosmic yoga and sang and danced to Gonoodle and Supermovers. We know how important it is to be fit and healthy. 

This week we were Have a go Mos and tasted the fruits in Handa's basket.

We tasted avocado pears, tangerines, passion fruit, mangos, oranges, bananas and pineapple. I think our faces tell you our opinions!

We had great fun at our Christmas party.

 We enjoyed pass the parcel, playing musical statues and dancing to Christmas songs.

We loved wearing our Christmas jumpers!

 Thank you for helping our school raise money for Save the Children.

THEY'RE BACK! Oh what chaos Norm and Norma have caused in our Reception classes this week! Good job we are such amazing Andy Ants, co-operating and working together to get our rooms back in order.

Chestnut Class LOVED singing and dancing to this Goldilocks song!

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Anti Bullying Week - It's good to be different! Odd sock day.

Harvest Festival

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Listen to our amazing singing. What superstars we are. Enjoy!
There’s a great big turnip at the bottom of the field.


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The leaves on the trees turn orange and brown.


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Bumping up and down on my tractor.

Cosmic Yoga is great fun! It helps us to develop our listening skills, follow instructions whilst practising yoga, mindfulness and enjoying a story. Why not try some as a family at home.

Our autumn walk in the woods! How lucky are we to have such amazing grounds to enjoy and observe the seasonal changes. We were very observant and spotted lots of signs of autumn.

Squiggle whilst you Wiggle!

We love doing Squiggle! We hold 'flipper flappers' (flannels!) and make movements with our arms to music, carefully watching and copying an adult. This helps to develop our gross motor skills and makes our arms stronger for all the playing, climbing and using of sports equipment that we do. Can you spot the movements we are doing? We did ups, downs, sides, ups and downs and crossovers.


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How lovely it has been to see the children from Apple, Hazel and Chestnut having fun together in our class gardens and enjoying the resources in class. More photographs to follow when we explore the big playground and the woods!

Busy children in Chestnut Class!

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