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Remember remember the 5th of November


We have really enjoyed learning all about Guy Fawkes and how he and his friends tried to blow up the Houses in Parliament!!! Lucky for King James I and his government, that they failed. We watched a fireworks clip and described the patterns, colours, sounds and shapes that we could see and hear. We used chalk to create out own fireworks night pictures. Please take a look....


Toys and things from the past


This week Miss Beale found a really old suitcase with some objects in!!! We were extremely excited to explore what was inside. Once Miss Beale could finally open up the suitcase (with Mrs Morgans' help), we discussed the objects that were inside. We looked at the materials they were made from, how they felt, how they looked and if we thought the were from now or in the past. We discovered a wooden train, a dusty polar bear, a cap, some different looking clothing, an old book, some strange looking binoculars and another wooded toy. We decided that they belonged to a boy from the past who liked trains. 

Celebrating Diwali - w/c 16-11-20


On Monday, we learned all about the Hindu festival Diwali. Did you know, Diwali means 'row of lighted lamps'? Diwali is the Hindu New Year. We enjoyed listening to the story of Prince Ram and his wife Sita. We discussed how Diwali is celebrated today with fireworks, rangoli patterns, presents, new clothes and lots of delicious foods and Indian sweets. Some of us decided to create our own rangoli patterns at break time... we hope you like them!

Anti-Bullying Week


This week we have been focussing on anti-bullying week. On Monday children wore odd socks to mark this day. We enjoyed watching Andy and the odd socks assembly. We discussed what is meant bullying, what we should do if we think we are being bullied or if someone else is. We looked at how we are all the same as each other, how we are also different to each other and that we all like different things or the same things, but we must all be respectful to each other. We then made our ginger bread person to show how we are all the same.  We decorated clothes and a hat for our gingerbread person and wrote how we can be the same and how we can be different to each other. We all signed  a charter to say we are supporting anti-bullying and discussed what we choose to do to support this. This is what we decided: We choose to have kind hands and feet. We chooses to have kind words. We choose to play with everyone. We choose to help each other. 



Maths - 2D and 3D shapes


This week has been all about shapes. We have been naming shapes and looking at properties of shapes - 2D shapes have corners and sides, 3D shapes have edges, corners/vertices, faces. We have had a go at sorting shapes by their properties and making patterns. We also made some models using 3D shapes... come and take a look. Can you spot the princess towers, rockets, the chocolate factory or the houses of parliament?

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