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Animal Day - Monday 5th July


Unfortunately, we could not visit Cotswolds Wildlife Park today, however we had a fun filled animal day instead!

First, we discussed what a zoologist does for a job, We learnt that they study everything about animals and other wildlife. We got our wellies on and headed to the woods for a 'DEADLY 60' animal hunt. All around the woods, hidden amongst the trees, we found a scary snake, a flying eagle, a grizzly bear, a terrifying werewolf, a poisonous dart frog, a fierce puma, and many more animals. We quietly crept around so that we did not scare the animals or even worse, they find us!!! Take a look at our photos below...

After all the animals were found... it was time to work in teams to build a den!

Next, it was time for some delicious hot chocolate and biscuits. We needed it after all of that hard work. 

Time for Hot Chocolate and biscuits

Then is was time to make our animal masks. We could choose either an elephant, cheetah, giraffe, zebra or a lion. We had a lot of cheetahs!!! As the sun was still shining for us, we painted our masks outside.

Making Animal Masks

In the afternoon, we talked about camouflage. We looked at how some animals can camouflage because of the colour they are or the patterns they have. We discovered a viceroy butterfly can mimic a poisonous butterfly to hide from its predator. Some animals camouflage so that the predators can not find them, and same animals camouflage so that they can trick their prey. 

We then had to make a butterfly that could camouflage somewhere in our classroom. Here are a few below.

Camouflaging butterflies

Finally, we wore our masks ... can you tell who is who?

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