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Animal Structures


Today we are scientists, we are scientists who learn about animals! Today we are zoologists. Scientists’ studied, researched and looked at animals very carefully to put them into groups so that it would be easier to learn about them. Remember last week we looked at these animal groups: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. Scientists looked at animals very carefully, they looked for things that are the same about different animals and things that are different. This helped scientists to be able to put the animals into groups. They also looked at how each animal is made up. We are going to be looking at the structure of animals. Structure means: anything made up of parts held together, these structures help them to survive. Some structures are on the inside (brain, heart, lungs) and some are on the outside (eyes, skin, claws).

Use the power point presentation below to look at and learn all about different animal structures. Complete the 'comparing worksheet'. You can choose one group to compare or have a go at all of them.


Below are the worksheets to compare each animal group.

If you would like to learn some more, click the Oak Academy link below and follow the lesson. 
BBC Learning has some wonderful resources to support your learning at home. Below is the link for our topic in Science - Animals.

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