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This week we will be identifying and naming animal today parts. We will then move onto identifying and naming dinosaur body parts!


Activity 1

Using the power point below, look at each animal and identify body parts. Click to see which part the arrow points to and name the body part. Did you get it right? Which group does the animal belong to? Remember the groups are mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds. See if you can answer the other questions on the power point about each animal.

After you have worked through the power point, stop when it tells you to complete activity 1. This is the naming animal body parts sheet below. 


Activity 2

Continue with the power point presentation. You will now look at dinosaurs body parts. Just like before, click to see which body part the arrow points to. Can you name the body part? Click again to reveal the answer. Were you right? Once you have looked at the dinosaurs, have a go at activity 2. Labelling dinosaurs today parts.


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