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Dinosaur Fun!

Last week we identified and named animal body parts. We then identified and named dinosaur body parts.

Today I would like you to think back to our lesson when we looked at animal diets. We discussed the meaning of 'herbivores' - plant eaters, 'carnivores' - meat eaters and 'omnivores' - eat both plants and meat. Using the power point presentation you will look at dinosaur diets. Which dinosaurs were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores? Can you compare them to todays animals? Do you notice anything similar? E.g. the diplodocus has a long neck like a giraffe and they both eat leaves, they are herbivores. 

Once you have worked through the power point, have a go at todays activity.... investigating dinosaur poo!!!

Have a think... What might you find in a carnivores poo? - Could there be bones! What might you find in an omnivores or herbivores poo? Record you findings on the 'dinosaur poo investigation recording sheet'.


PARENTS: Below you will find some guidance on how to make dinosaur poo! (SORRY!)

You can either:

1. Make this with you children and discuss what you would add to the 'poo' if it was from a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore dinosaur. Record on worksheet.

2. You could make the 'poo' in advance and your children can investigate the 'poo' to work out who it belongs to. Record findings on to worksheet.


Extra challenge: Sorting activity 



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