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WALT know which part of the body is associated with each sense.


Can you remember what we are learning about in science? We are learning about humans. Last week we named and labelled human body parts. Can you remember some? 

This week we are looking at our senses. Do children you know how many senses we have and what they are? What part of our body is associated with each sense?

Our senses help us to stay safe and understand the world around us. 


Using power point: Work through the presentation thinking about the questions: What is this boy/girl doing? What body part are they using? What sense is this?





Challenge 1: Cut out pictures and stick next to the body part used.

Challenge 2: Fill in the of the sense and draw a picture of something you would do using that sense. E.g. Ears - Listen to music.

Challenge 3: As challenge 2. Write a sentence to describe what you are doing in your picture. Example sentence: I am listening to music using my ears.


For extra learning, you can use the Oak Academy link to understand more about our senses.


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