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Science - Let's predict what will happen!

This week we are starting a new scientific investigation. We have been set a challenge by Humpty Dumpty who has said "Can you help me? My name is Humpty Dumpty and I keep having accidents falling off the wall and hurting myself. Can you work out which material would make the best jacket to help keep me safe so that I don't crack my shell if I fall again?"

Before we start the investigation we need to think - what does the material used to make a protective coat or jacket need to be able to do? What properties will it need? Why?


Thinking about each material colour in the faces to show which would make the best protective coat - a happy face means it will be protective, a straight face means you are not sure and a sad face means you think it will not protect Humpty Dumpty. Then make a prediction of which material you think will make the best protective coat for Humpty Dumpty and give reasons why you think this using what you already know about materials.


Next week we will test the materials and find out if our predictions are correct.


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