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Term 6

A warm welcome to our final term in  Nursery  and to the children who have recently joined us. We look forward to a busy and fun filled Term 6! 

Term 6 Newsletter

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Term 5

The children had a wonderful last day of term celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. Everyone dressed in red, white and blue and enjoyed all of our planned activities. We had a picnic lunch in the Nursery garden. 

Welcome to the girls and boys who have joined Sunflower Nursery recently. This term we will be learning about Mini Beasts and Life Cycles and spending time in our garden, planting and growing seedlings. 

Term 5 Newsletter

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Term 4

We had a very busy last week of term doing lots of Easter activities. The sunflower seeds that we planted on our science day have grown into little plants. We potted them in compost ready to take home to plant outdoors during the Easter holidays. 

Today was Comic Relief and the children dressed up as their favourite Super Hero. It was also our whole school “ Science Day” and the theme was “ growth”. The children enjoyed all of the planned activities : Planting sunflower seeds to observe how they grow, designing a poster about growth and measuring our height using string and footsteps. There was a certificate for everyone at the end of the day to celebrate British Science Week.

Welcome back to Nursery, after our half term break. We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. The children dressed in their pyjamas and brought in their favourite bedtime story to talk about. We spoke about our bedtime routine and had hot chocolate and a biscuit for snack. We shared lots of stories throughout the day. We love listening to stories in Nursery. 

Term 4 Newsletter

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Term 3

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger. We had fun playing in our Chinese restaurant. We listened to stories about the animal race and practised our pencil control whilst colouring and writing. We designed beautiful lanterns. 

We had so much fun participating in our Super Sports Day. We joined in singing and dancing with “ Go Noodle”. We played team games outdoors and practised our throwing skills, using a ball and a frisbee. We listened to the “Hungry Caterpillar” story then enjoyed a “Cosmic Yoga” session about the story. Before lunch, we went to the school hall and played parachute games. 

During the first week of term, we enjoyed listening to stories and poems about Winter time. The children painted some beautiful snowmen for our display.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and safe 2022 and a warm welcome to the children who have joined Sunflower Nursery this term. 

Term 3 Newsletter

Term 3 Topic Overview

Term 2

We had a wonderful last week of term celebrating Christmas with our class Nativity, Christmas lunch and Christmas party. 

On Monday we had an unexpected snow day!

We loved taking part in our whole school science day on Wednesday and went on a Space adventure! We learnt about astronauts, the sun, the moon and the solar system. We designed rockets using 2D shapes and built rockets with bricks. We listened to stories about space. There was a moon landscape in the tuff tray and we experimented with vinegar and moon dust! It was fun doing Cosmic "Space" yoga and singing " Five little men in a flying saucer" and we even baked some moon "rock" buns but, not until Friday!

We’ve had a very busy first week back in Nursery - painting happy pumpkin faces and talking about feelings, printing Diwali candles and designing firework rockets. We’ve enjoyed our first Real Foundation PE lesson. 

Term 2 Newsletter 

Term 2 Topic Overview

Term 1

During the last two weeks of term, we have enjoyed talking about Autumn, exploring shapes, planting Winter flowering pansies and remembering the Nursery Rhymes we have learnt. We listened to two of our favourite books “ Going on a Bear Hunt” and “ The Gruffalo” .

Our first visit to the woods

Having fun playing games in the hall for PE

The girls and boys continue to enjoy playing with the different resources and activities and we are really looking forward to our first PE session in the school hall and our first visit to the woods.

A very warm welcome to the girls and boys who have joined Sunflower Nursery this September. We look forward to spending a happy and busy year together. 

We have spent the first few weeks of term, getting to know each other and getting to know our Nursery routines. 

Term 1 Newsletter

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