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Term 1

Term 1 - Building Britain

Click on the 'Topic Overview' below to find out what the children in Year 2 will be learning this term. We will also add photos from some of our learning each week.

Week 7 - Cotswold Wildlife Park, bread making and windsocks!

WOW! We have had a busy 3 days to finish the term. On Monday we all travelled to the Cotswold Wildlife Park for our long awaited trip, postponed from Year 1. Despite the rain, we had a super time animal spotting and learning about some of the amazing creatures found around the world.

On Tuesday we had a go at making bread as part of our DT cooking project. We previously tasted different types of bread and then designed our own. We then got to knead and shape our own dough balls into different designs. They tasted super yummy when they were cooked!

Finally, on Wednesday, we were being meteorologists, observing different types of weather for the current season - Autumn. We made our own windsocks and took them outside to test the direction, speed and any changes in the wind.


Check out all the photos below from our fun-filled week!

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Week 6 - Mental Health Awareness day

This week, we have spent time discussing what mental health means and why it is important to look after our own. We discussed how our feelings can make our bodies react, and explored names for feelings that are linked to a colour in the Zones of Regulation. We shared ideas for how we can help ourselves with little worries and big worries, and practised strategies to help calm our minds and move 'zones'.

Check out the video below that we used to explore Mental Health. You can also find a link to 'Cosmic Yoga' which we've enjoyed doing in class to help our bodies to calm our minds.

Talking Mental Health

Talking Mental Health is an animation designed to help begin conversations about mental health in the classroom and beyond.The animation and accompanying res...

Week 5 - Black History Month


This week, we have been celebrating Black History Month by looking at the life and work of the amazing Katherine Johnson. Katherine worked as a 'computer' for NASA in the 1960's and beyond and, thanks to her amazing maths skills, helped to send astronauts into space and even to the moon! The children learnt about her life and used flashcards to organise important events into a timeline. They then discovered how force and thrust help a rocket get into space and made their own rockets. Finally, we took our rockets outside to experiment with how much force can change how far our rockets travel.

Week 4 - History WOW day


This week we held our History WOW day to kickstart our new topic. The children researched a famous person from History and came to school dressed as that person. They then each presented who they were and why they are famous. The children then took part in lots of exciting History based lessons including ordering events from year 1 into a timeline, and discovering how London has changed from the 17th Century to the present day. Here are some photos of our costumes and activities from the day. How many historical characters can you name?

Week 2 - Fixed and Free Axels


This week in DT we have been learning about fixed and free axels in preparation for building our own model fire engines later this term. First, we learnt about the function of the chassis, axels and wheels on a vehicle, then we discovered how wheels rotate depending on if they are attached with a fixed or free axel. We then put our knowledge into practise by making our own on a small model.

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