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Term 1

Working hard in maths


This term we have been busy working with numbers to 10. We have been using the part-whole model to show two parts of a whole number and writing the number sentence for this using addition. We have been working hard on learning our number bonds to 10. Here are some pictures of us completing some super maths in Rowan class. Please encourage you child at home to learn their number bonds to 10 - they can use their fingers to help them. e.g. You can say.. 'If I have 7 fingers, how many more fingers do you need to get to 10?' 'So, 7 add 3 equals 10.' ' The whole number is 10, the parts are 7 and 3.'


Number bonds to 10 - Children were super mathematicians

Exploring Materials in Science


This term we have been exploring materials and their properties. Children have been busy material hunting around the classroom and playground to find objects and name the material/s it is made from. We worked in small groups to sort materials into two groups e.g. dull and shiny, metal and glass, waterproof and not waterproof, opaque and transparent. 

Please take a moment to ask your child if they can remember what these words mean. You could ask your child to name materials at home and show you objects made from those materials. 

Sorting materials into two groups.

Representing Number


This week in Year 1, we have been thinking about our numbers to 10 in Maths. We looked at different ways we could represent each number then made a class display for each one. Check out our display below! Can you think of any other ways we can represent our numbers?

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