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Term 2

Week 3 - 16th- 20th November

2D and 3D shapes


This week in maths we will be learning about 2D shapes. First, we will identify and name 2D shapes from pictures and try to match the written names to each shape. We will then discuss the properties of 2D shapes including number of sides, number of corners and if the sides are curved or straight. We will use this knowledge to sort 2D shapes into groups.  

After we have looked at 2D shapes, we will recognise and name 3D shapes and discuss the difference between 2D and 3D. We will look at the properties of 3D shapes including number of edges, number of vertices, number of faces and discuss if the edges and faces are straight/flat or curved. We will use this knowledge to sort 3D shapes into groups.

Finally, we will look at patterns using shapes and discuss how we know what shape will come next in a pattern. We will continue a repeating pattern thinking about the shape and colour needed.


Click on the links below to find teaching videos from White Rose Maths linked to our maths lessons, and worksheets you may need this week.  

Week 2 - 9th - 13th Nov

Find the difference - subtraction


This week in maths, we will continue to use our subtraction knowledge to 'find the difference'. We will use the vocabulary 'more, most, less, least, fewer and fewest' to discuss quantity, and begin by practically 'finding the difference' by making towers of cubes in pairs. We will continue to use practical equipment and pictorial representations and write subtraction sentences to 'find the difference' between two numbers. At the end of the week we will consolidate our understanding of addition and subtraction by solving mixed number sentences.


Click on the links below to find teaching videos from White Rose linked to our maths lessons.

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