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Term 3

Term 3 - Marvellous Mexico

Click on the 'Topic Overview' below to find out what the children will be learning this term. We will also add photos form some of our learning across the term. 

Mayan Day - Friday 14th January


This week, to kick start our new topic 'Marvellous Mexico', we had our WOW Mayan Day. We began our day with a discussion about the Maya Civilisation. We discovered that they were very clever people and they even invented their own writing system, their own calendars and sport. They lived in parts of Mexico and Central America. Can you believe they built around 60 cities! The Maya loved headdresses... the bigger the headdress, the more important you were. Our first job of the day was to make our own headdresses. We also looked at Maya masks and designed our own. Next, we looked at Maya sport. One of the ways they competed against each other was a ball game called 'Pok-ta-pok. You can only use your hips, knees and elbows to touch the ball. We attempted our own version of this which was ALOT of fun and noisy!!! Finally, we tasted some Maya food. Did you know the Maya people were the first to take the seeds of a cacao and roast them to make hot chocolate. We tried tortillas, guacamole and spicy hot chocolate. What a fun and busy day it was. 

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