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Term 4

Term 4 - Marvellous Mexico

Click on the 'Topic Overview' below to find out what the children will be learning this term. We will also add photos form some of our learning across the term. 

Home Learning Challenges

Please see the link below for our new home learning challenges for this term. As well as this, please continue to complete PurpleMash homework set. Have some fun spending time with your children to complete the challenges. Children only need to choose 3 of the challenges and they have the whole term (up to Easter) to complete. See link below for more information. 

Week 5 - 28th March to 1st April

Maths - We have continued our learning of fractions looking at quarters, halves and thirds. This week we learned that 2/4 is the equivalent or 1/2. We took our learning outdoors to work out 3/4 of a given number. Take a look below. 

Art - This week we have continued with our printing theme. We made our own relief prints and then used these to create a printing pattern. Check out our art work! 

PE - This week we were very lucky to have all stars come in and teach us some cricket. We really enjoyed this session!

Science - We had an amazing time at the Explorer Dome on Thursday. It was a fantastic experience. Once inside the dome, we explored light. We saw what the sun looks like up close, we discussed shadows, light sources, electricity, the stars, the moon and so much more. At the end, we listened to a story about how a dragon sneezed the stars into the sky! As it was dark inside, we could not take lots of photos, however, here are a few we managed to take.

Week 4 - 21st to 25th March

Science - In science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We visited our woods and made sketches of the various habitats we could see and discussed what animals we think might live there. Following this, we learned about mini beasts and microhabitats. Microhabitats are small habitats in larger habitats. These include under leaves, under rocks, on a plant and on the bark of a tree. Back in the woods, we looked closely at two different habitats and recorded the variety of mini beasts we found in those microhabitats. We found ALOT of slugs, beetles and woodlice.

We also had the opportunity to look closely at owl pellets. Within these we could found out what an owls diet might be. We found tine bones, feathers, fur and even skulls with teeth!!!! Take a look below...

Art - This we have been learning all about printing. Printing is making a copy - this could be of anything like an object, your hand or leaves! We used objects to create some shape printing patterns.

Maths - This week we have been looking at the fractions 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3. As the sun was shining, we took our learning outdoors and working in pairs we found 1/3 of a given number using counters.

Week 3 - 14th to 18th March

This week we have enjoyed British Science Week and Red Nose Day. To celebrate British Science week, we held a science day. The theme this year was 'growth'. We learned about the planet Mars and what it would be like to live on the planet. We discussed what all living things need to survive and compared this with the conditions on Mars. Next, children designed an animal of their own that could live on Mars, thinking about what features the animal would need in order to survive. There were some AMAZING ideas! Our next activity was all about exercise and how this supports growth. With a variety of equipment from chalk to balls to hoops, children worked in groups to create an outdoor activity to promote exercise. We have had lots of fun!

For comic relief, we had some amazing superhero costumes; Iron Man, Veterinarian, Spiderman, Batgirl and many more. Thank you for all the donations made for an amazing cause. 

Take a look at some pictures from this week below.

Week 2 - 7th March to 11th March

Another busy week in year 2. We have been learning all about 3D shapes in maths, looking at faces, edges and vertices. In English, we have made a holiday poster for Mexico...this definitely put us in a holiday mood. Last week in DT, we designed a fruit kebab... this week we made them and ate them!!! Take a look at the pictures below.

Week 1 - 28th February to 4th March

We have had a lovely week discussing children's favourite books from home. Monday began with children having the opportunity to share their favourite book with their friends. Reading together and to each other. Across the week we talked about why those books are their favourite, what their favourite part is, who their favourite character is and why and who they would recommend their book to. We also found our favourite words or phrases and discussed why we chose them. On Thursday, we wore our pyjamas to celebrate world book day and we were very lucky to have some hot chocolate and a biscuit too. Thank you for bringing in and sharing your books from home. We had a lovely time discussing these with you. Take a look at some photos from this week. 

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