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This week in science we are looking at animals and learning about the 5 groups that animals can be sorted into: mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians. Please use the power point to support your child's learning. 

Animals observing worksheet: Children can complete this worksheet should you go out for a walk or maybe in your garden. If you are unable to go out, use the animal photographs. Your child can choose which animals they would like to look at and complete the worksheet. You do not need to print this. Children can simply write on a piece of paper. 

Animals groups key: This is to support your child to put the animals they observe into the correct group. 

Animal photographs: You can use these to discuss the animal in the photo and what group they are in. If you are able to print, these can be used for your child to sort into the correct groups as above. You do not have to print, you can simply talk about the animal and its group. 

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