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Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

FIS Vision

Future of Faringdon

Including all

Supporting everyone to grow


At Faringdon Infant School, we believe the children in our care are the future of Faringdon.  We want all of our children to have the best possible start to their education and to develop a life-long love of learning. We aim to achieve this through having fully engaged pupils, parents, staff and local community who join our school family from the age of 3 onwards.  It is a place where children can enjoy learning, and feel safe and secure to grow and reach their potential.  It is our determination to strive for the best for each individual child, with no pupil left behind.


At Faringdon Infant School, we believe in an accessible and inclusive education for all children, to stimulate and encourage inquisitive minds.  This is driven by our vibrant and passionate staff who create a climate of nurture and support for the emotional, behavioural, mental and physical well-being and development of all members of the school community.


We are a hardworking school which celebrates its successes, recognising effort and progress as just as important as overall achievement.  We are proud of our Learning Muscles which are helping to embed the desired behaviours in all of our children.  We hope these desired behaviours become second nature and are taken on by the children in both home and school life.  This is a place where children of all social backgrounds are free to learn and are encouraged to acknowledge their differences whilst celebrating our British values.

To be an active learner with a 'growth mindset', we want each child to develop ' learning muscles'

(see Learning muscle information below.



We aim to be a friendly and welcoming school:

  • where learning is fun, challenging, active and rewarding
  • where individuality  and diversity are valued and time is given to each child
  • where we are all proud of who we are and where we live
  • where positive attitudes and values are fostered
  • where a quality learning environment is important both inside and outside

Learning Muscles


The children are introduced to eight Learning Muscles during their time at Faringdon Infant School. These are the learning attitudes required to be successful learners with a 'can do' mind-set. The characters and the learning muscles they represent are introduced through assemblies, stories and in class. Children are celebrated in various ways when they demonstrate the learning attitudes at school.


There are different characters attached to each Learning Muscle in Nursery the children are introduced to:


Cooperation - Andy Ant

Curiosity - Maggie Meerkat

Have a go - Mo the Cheetah


In Foundation the children continue to develop the Learning Muscles they have met before and a further two Learning Muscles are introduced:


Raj the Robot- Don't give up

Enjoy Learning - Monty the Monkey


In Key Stage 1 the children are introduced to the final Learning Muscles to complete our 'can do' mind set.


Concentration - Olga Owl

Imagination - Daisy Dinosaur

Keep growing - George the Giant


The children enjoy making links between the characters and their learning.


Learning Muscles

Future of Faringdon, Including all, Supporting everyone to grow