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W/B - 17th January

Last week we started looking at the story Wild by Emily Hughes. We made predictions and inferences by looking at pictures from the story. We read the story with actions and we drew a story map. This helped as the re-tell the story to each other. 

This week we are writing the story ourselves. This means we have to remember the story but it is ok as we have some things to help us! 


Please see below what you can do at home this week. 

Here is the link so that you can listen to the story.


This wonderful story time read aloud is a perfect book for key stage 1 children! Wild by the amazing Emily Hughes is a great book for primary school children...

Monday: Today you will need to listen to the story and draw pictures for each part of the story on the 'boxing up' worksheet. This will help you when you are writing the story.

Tuesday: Today you are writing the beginning part and some of the middle part of the story. This can be written on paper you have at home. You will need to look at sections 1 and 2 or you 'boxing up' map to help you remember. This is where we meet Wild in the forest and the animals teach her how to do some things. Can you write a sentence for each picture. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Wednesday: We will now continue writing some more of our story. Some more of the middle section. You will need to use section 3 and 4 on your 'boxing up' map. This is where Wild meets some new animals and they are not quite sure how to do the things the way she does.


Thursday: Today you will write the end of your story using sections 5 and 6 on you 'boxing up' map. This is where Wild has had enough and finds her way back to the forest. 


Friday: Today, you can check and edit your stories. This is where you go back over what you have written and read it out loud. Does it make sense? Have you missed any words out? Have you got capital letters, finger spaces and full stops? You can use a different coloured pen to make any corrections.

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