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W/B - 31st January


WALT understand the importance of exercise.

What is exercise? Why is it important? How does exercise affect our body? What exercise do you do? Today we will be thinking about 'Which activity will make my heart rate faster?'

Using the PowerPoint, work through the slides. 

Complete activity 1 - Cut out the activities and read each one. Stick each activity onto the correct place in the table. You can simply discuss them if you can not print them out.

Activity 2 - Sit down and find your pulse. This is your resting pulse. Can you count how many beats in 30 seconds. Record on sheet. Now choose two of the exercises from activity one. One from 'will not speed up heart rate' and one from 'will speed up heart rate'. 

Start with the 'will not speed up heart rate' activity. When ready, start a timer for 30 seconds and carry out the chosen activity. Now sit downed take your pulse. How many beats in 30 seconds. Record on sheet. Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat for chosen activity for 'will speed up heart rate'. 

What do you notice? Did your heart rate change? You can carry on testing with other activities. HAVE FUN!

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