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W/B 31st January


WALT colour to make an abstract portrait based on the work of Picasso.

Have a look at the PowerPoint. Play the video link in the PowerPoint to learn more about Picasso. Follow the guide on how to create your own cubism portrait. You can use any crayons, paints or materials you have at home.



At school we will talk about who is important/significant in our own lives, school and community. Why are they important to you? Discuss a range of reasons, such as, that person is helpful or looks after them, they help them to learn new things, make them happy, etc. We are going to be thinking about significant people in History. What do you think a significant person is? Using the PowerPoint -  Which people do you recognise and why do you recognise them? Explain the achievements of those your child does not know. What makes these people important? Such as: having power, being good at sport, being the first person to do something, being intelligent or inventing something.  Activity -  Look at the set of pictures of famous people from history. Discuss and decide on importance of each person, putting the pictures in order of most to least important. Highlight that there is no right or wrong answer – the discussion is important.

ICT - Complete the Purple Mash homework.

PE - Have a go at some cosmic yoga, Joe Wicks, Super Movers or Go Noodles. 

Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon.

In school we will be learning about Chinese New Year which takes place on Tuesday 1st February. Have a look at the PowerPoints to learn about the Chinese New Year story and all about how the Chinese New Year is celebrated. Have a go at the activities provided.


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