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W/B - 7th February

Healthy Eating

WALT know the importance of healthy eating.

Last week we were learning about the importance of exercise and how exercise affects our bodies.

This week we will be learning about eating healthy and eating a balanced diet. 

Use the PowerPoint: All animals need some kind of food to survive and keep them healthy and strong. Discuss that some animals only eat one type of food, and some eat different kinds. Do humans eat one type or many types? Humans need different kinds of food to stay healthy, we call this a balanced diet. 


Explain that foods are sorted into special food groups that have special names. Look at the food groups poster. Explain what the food groups are called and discuss the types of food in these groups.


Activity: Plan a healthy meal by drawing and pictures of food onto the plate. It must be a balanced diet and include food from each food group. Label food and food group.

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