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W/B 7th February


This week can you complete a Joe Wicks workout. Can you the make up your own routine. Maybe your grown-ups can have a go at your workout.



WALT use paint to create a watercolour background in the style of Paul Klee. 

Share the Powerpoint and discuss the artist, Paul Klee.

Slide- Raumarchitektur: How do you think the artist made this picture? (Paint/watercolour.) What do you notice 

about the colours in this picture? (Bright/colourful.

Slide- Lowlands: How do you think the artist made this picture? (Paint/watercolour/repeating pattern.

Slide- Portraits: Look at the two different portraits. Do you notice anything unusual about these portraits? (One 

portrait is a cat. The person has no body.

Slide- Portraits of Moving People: What you think the people are doing in these portraits. At school we will be making our own portraits of moving people. First we need to create the watercolour background. 

Look at the steps for how to create 2 types of background.  Sweeping colour may work best with A3 paper and dots of colour on A4? – your choice.  


If you have no paint, that's ok. You could try colouring pencils, felt-tips or even materials. Experiment and have fun!



WALT explore respect and relationships online.


Tuesday is SAFER INTERNET DAY. What do they think this means?The theme this year: ‘Fun and Games’ exploring respect and relationships online.

  1. Use the PowerPoint GOLDILOCKS to discuss respect and relationships online. Complete follow-up  activity.
  2. Talk about how we stay safe online. What can we share? What should we not share? Complete 'Sharing information online' worksheet.
  3. Children to design an internet safety poster – you can use PowerPoint: safer internet day to find some ideas.


WALT know who Hernán Cortés was and why he is a significant individual.

Using the PowerPoint: Look at some images of Hernan Cortes. Who do you think this is? How long ago do you think he lived? Where do you think he is from? What do you think he did? Explain that this man is called Hernán Cortés Hernán Cortés and he is a famous explorer. What is an explorer? What did they do and why? When do you think he lived? Show when Cortés lived on the timeline and discuss his early life. At slide 5, ask if they have any questions about Hernán Cortés. Continue on and discuss Cortés’ travels, explaining that the Aztecs were a similar group of people to the Mayans in their diet, clothing, beliefs and native language. At each bold question, discuss children thoughts.

Activity: answer questions about Hernán Cortés from final slide, recording thoughts.

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