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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 


The Year 1 team are:

Holly Class - Mrs Baird, Mrs James and Miss Eadie

Pine Class - Mrs Purves (Mon-Wed), Mrs Gauntlett (Thurs-Fri) and Mrs Fillon-Payoux

Rowan Class - Miss Cossey and Ms Barnett.


We have an exciting year planned for the Year 1 children.

We will be adding information and photos of the activities to this page on a regular basis.


If you have any questions about Year 1, please contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Baird (Year 1 Lead)


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Year One Home Learning Challenges
We love sharing the home learning challenges that children have brought in and celebrating their hard work and effort. Here are some examples of the awesome home learning challenges that have been brought in:
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Photos of Year One Learning

Mary Anning

We have loved learning about Mary Anning and how she was the first person to discover the Icthyosaur, Plesiosaur skeletons. We have learnt that she lived 200 years ago in the town of Lyme Regis which is near the sea and had a dog called Tray who she took with her when she went fossil hunting. Mary Anning's Dad taught her how to find fossils and she  would sell the fossils she found to rich tourists. 


We have looked at a famous portrait of Mary Anning; created our own story boards about her life; made our own clay fossils; talked about why she is such an important, significant person and have even dressed up as Mary Anning and her Dad to role play what they might have done in the past.

Comparing Numbers

We have been exploring groups of objects and numbers and comparing them using the mathematical vocabulary of more than, greater than, equals, less than and fewer than. We then started exploring using the greater than sign >, less than sign < and the equal sign = to help us show which numbers or groups of objects are greater than or less than each other.

We are scientists - Investigating 'Dino Poo' 

A special parcel arrived from Professor Green asking for our help. He asked us could we investigate 3 different pots of 'dino poo' to find out what the dinosaurs have been eating. We used magnifying glasses to help us look at each pot of 'dino poo' closely. We found out that one pot had meat, bones, hair and feathers; the second pot had leaves, burrs, nuts and sticks; and the last pot had meat, bones, hair, feathers, leaves and nuts. We had great fun being scientists and learnt that the 'dino poo' that had meat, bones, hair and feathers came from a carnivore, the pot with leaves, burrs, nuts and sticks came from a herbivore and the pot which had meat, bones, hair, feathers, leaves and nuts came from an omnivore.

Dinosaur Wow Morning

One Monday morning we came to school and to our surprise discovered a massive mess that had been made by a dinosaur at the weekend. It had left a nest with an egg in Rowan Class, dinosaur poo and straw in Pine Class and had turned the tables upside down and left foot prints in Holly Class. We were so excited and loved talking about what type of dinosaur left the surprise, why it might have visited our school and what might happen next. We wrote letters to the dinosaur to ask questions about why the dinosaur came to visit and the dinosaur sent a letter in the post back to us saying that it had heard our school was a happy safe place and would we look after the egg. We also wrote letters to our Reception Teachers to let them know about what had happened.

Starting in Year One

We have all settled well into our new Year One classes and enjoyed exploring our Dinosaur Museum role play areas, using maths equipment, writing in the writing area, building with the construction toys and investigating our Outdoor Classroom Area.

‘Laughing, Learning, Caring and Succeeding For Life’